Bamboo Dyeing & Finishing

Dyeing & Finishing

Bamboo Dyeing & FinishingBamboo fabrics dye extremely well and there is no limit to the imagination as to what you can create with these gorgeous fabrics. . . .

Light serging, enzyme de-sizing, moderate bleaching and semi-mercerizing should be applied to the bamboo fabric during its dying and finishing process. Avoid drastic conditions and use small mechanical tension.

Serging: moderate condition.

De-sizing: should be consolidate, de-sizing rate should be over 80%.

Scouring: pure bamboo normally needs no scouring, sometimes wash it with a little alkaline soap. The scouring process should be made in terms if fiber blend contains cotton. When pure bamboo fabrics are scoured, the alkali should not be over 10g/liter but be applied in accordance with the thickness of fabrics.

Bleaching: the processing should be made in terms of the specification and thickness of fabrics.

Mercerizing: the fabrics of bamboo fibers normally should not need mercerizing due to their sound lustre and bad anti-alkaline properties. However, some cases are found in order to increase their absorbance capacity to dyestuff.

Dyeing: Ideally use active dyestuffs during dying process – alkali should not be over 20g/liter, temperature should not be over 100° C. During drying process, low temperature and light tension are applied.

Yarn dyeing: the alkali should not be over 8g/l in yarn dying.

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