eco-chick-bamboo-scarfecoChickscarves is a company that produces high quality, eco-conscious¬† scarves. ecoChickscarves have an unmistakable softness – pure luxury. What you put “in” your body is just as important as what you put “on” it! The eco- line scarves are made from 100% viscose from bamboo fiber. Bamboo is a¬† fairly new alternative to traditional synthetic fibers, used in most scarves. Bamboo fiber maintains its wonderful softness even after repeated washing. (Simple care instructions.)

ecoChickscarves also provides a variety of alternative fabrics other than bamboo, like tensel, soy and modal. There is a wonderful assortment of colors and textures to excite any age! Be sure to check out our three collections, there is something for all the women in your life: “hippychick, “chic-chick” and “babychick”


ecoChickScarves.com owner, Sheri Braun, wants to act on giving back to help others who are in need. With each purchase of an ecoChick scarf, she is donating $1.00 to works and organizations she supports and believes in.

Each customer becomes an advocate and supporter to those in need. Each individual can choose which organization they would like their support to go.

Sheri’s hope is that we can all help provide the resources needed for change! Raise awareness, create opportunities and open the channels for giving back. She believes we all must invest in our future… our children especially!

Sheri’s dedication and love of horses is another cause she is passionate about supporting. Please check out all of the non-profit organizations you to can support – it’s a good thing!

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